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Status and goals of WGCEF

Status of the Working Group on the Cooperation between European Forecasters (WGCEF)

- A permanent body consisting of representatives from most of the European National Meteorological Services (29 out of 35 in 2001) and 2 other meteorological services

- Recognised and supported by the EUMETNET council

- Open to all NMSs in Europe

- Membership free of charge


- Direct improvement of operational forecasting in specific weather situations through direct contacts and exchange of warnings

- Increase of personal knowledge and performance trough exchange of information, visits and training events.

Practical implementation of the goals:

- exchange of information between the forecasting offices of the European NMSs

- issuing a newsletter (The European Forecaster) once a year directed to forecasters within European NMSs

- promotion of visits and exchange of forecasters.

- exchange of information during hazardous weather conditions and in the case of major nuclear or chemical accidents

- promotion of special conferences suited for forecasters as part of other conferences or as a special event


The first ideas to enhance the cooperation between forecasters of the European NMHSs were expressed in1994. Professor Julian Hunt (the former director of the Metoffice, UK, was one of the originators). Jean Coiffier, Meteo France, was chosen to write down ideas on forecaster cooperation discussed during preparations of the 2nd ECAM in 1994. 

Coiffier’s letter was sent to the European NMHSs asking their intrerest in forming such a group. 21 (out of 35) services agreed. 

The group started and held it’s first meeting September 1995. This was in conjunction with ECAM95 in Toulouse, France. Representatives from 11 NMHSs were present. 

Conferences until today: 

1995 Toulouse, France, in conjunction with ECAM

1996 Bled, Slovenia, in conjunction with ICAM

1997 Lindau, Germany, in conjunction with ECAM

1998 Luxembourg

1999 Norrköping, Sweden, in conjunction with ECAM

2000 Innsbruck, Austria, in conjunction with ICAM

2001 Budapest, Hungary (September 2001) , in conjunction with ECAM 

(ECAM = European Conference on Applied Meteorology,

ICAM = International Conference on Alpine Meteorology)

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